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  Safe Connections Saving Lives

How Dangerous It Can Be

Electricity is possibly the most useful invention to date. We use it from the moment we wake up and throughout the day. But we sometimes forget how dangerous it can be. Do you imagine that a simple unintentional pulling of appliance cords may bring oneself into jeopardy, mostly if this trickles about kids. Yearly, faulty electrical wiring causes thousands of fires and hundreds of deaths further businesses lose millions in revenue because of lost data. Likewise everyone has experienced the frustration of a cord becoming unplugged or falling out of wall outlets. Consequently introducing new electrical safety products to people will sprout in there mind and become a helpful tip to them on how to avoid electric hassles and dangers .

 Now PluGuard family is a safety step into the future.

We Solve

PluGuard offers a new generation of electrical safety connections and ensures the highest level of safety of the people and machines against electric hazards. All our products are designed to ensure the safety of the electrical transmission process, in order to avoid the negative impact of common actions that can be very dangerous.

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