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a kid safely plying with PG-MULTI power strip

Always Safe

PG-MULTI is the first fully secured power extension that can fix all types of plugs. 
Its patented technology provides a generic safety solution for multiple plugs at once by preventing bad contact hazards and unintentional plug removals. 
With PG-MULTI a stable electric flow is guaranteed.

Artistic Design

Breathtaking shape and uncompromising reliability come together in the form of this power strip. 
Its sleek design blends seamlessly with today’s modern electronic devices.

PG-MULTI power strip

Space Saving

Its design conveniently uses each port and accommodate for different plug sizes like a power plug, a charger and a large power adapter without interfering with any other outlet

Secure Casing

PG-MULTI is equipped with 3 rubber feet on the bottom to keep it from slipping and sliding.

A tough coated power cable enhances its safety and durability and allows larger and faster current transfer without producing too much heat. 


Kids and toddlers tend to be curious and keen to exploring their surroundings. 
With these safety outlets, your little ones are safe from hazards associated with electrical shock.
PG-MULTI is equipped with pro mechanism, which fully blocks the outlet openings to prevent insertion of any metallic objects or electric plug.


a kid safely playing with PG-MULTI
PG-MULTI auto-releases the elecric plug when the withdrawal force reached 12 kg

>12 kg

Auto Release 

To ensure a reliable attachment and prevent the cord from being torn, the attachment mechanism will automatically release the plug when the pulling force exceeds 12 kg

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