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 Patented Technology

PG-SOCKET is the first fully secured socket that has the ability to fix plug of any electric device.
It is equipped with patented technology that prevent accidental plug removals and electric shocks caused by traditional electric outlets.

Peace of Mind 

Loose outlets are one of the biggest hazards at your home. When outlet gets loose, the wiring emits heat and energy in the form of an electric arc. This heat melts plastic and metal, creating the risk of fire. Of course, the daily annoyance of a loose electrical outlet receptacle is enough to spur you into action as you plug in the cell phone to charge only to find hours later that it never charged because the outlet couldn’t hold onto the plug. From now, you can take a breath of relief as PG-SOCKET is the perfect replacement for permanent safety.

Simple Usage

Sense of safety is the most precious thing that we can provide for ourselves and our close ones.PG-SOCKET Keeps every day electronic devices safely plugged in.

Just install the plug, press and turn to take full advantage of its astonishing locking capability

PG-socket unlocked
PG-SOCKET locking an electric plug

Quality & precision

PG-SOCKET is designed with the standard size for quick installation.

Its reliable components are compatible with products of other manufacturers consequently you can easily install PG-SOCKET to enjoy unique design and functionality.

PG-SOCKET dimensions


PG-SOCKET can resist up to 11.5 kg (25 lbs) of pulling force. That will guarantee a reliable and robust connection preventing any loss or disturbance of power even if a withdrawal force is applied.

metallic objects
PG-socket shutter prevents insertion of objects in the unlock position
turning the PG-SOCKET to the lock position will totally block the outlets to prevent insertion of electric plugs or objects
metallic objects

Unique Pro-Shutter

Electric outlets are one of the main sources of danger for your child or pet. Now you don’t have to run after your toddler and worry about electric accidents any more as PG-SOCKET makes it impossible for a little child to play with electricity.

PG-SOCKET is equipped with two tamper resistant mechanisms.

Beside the normal mechanism, there is pro one that completely block the outlet opening when you lock PG-SOCKET without an attached plug therefore preventing insertion of electric plug therein.

Ergonomic Design 

PG-SOCKET comes with classy appearance that makes it a distinctive mechanical masterpiece beside offering maximum level of electric safety, convenience and durability. Its eye catching details seamlessly fits your design further keeps up the consistent aesthetics of your interior.

PG-SOCKET auto releasing plugs when the withdrawal force reaches 12 kg

>12 kg

Auto Release 

To ensure a reliable attachment and prevent the cord from being torn, the attachment mechanism will automatically release the plug when the pulling force exceeds 12 kg

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