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Extend Safely

PG-EXTEND is another product from the PG family that extends cords. It is equipped with patented technology that can fix plugs. Locking the plug prevents the attached cord from accidentally being unplugged and losing power, therefore it insures the safety of the users, eliminates bad contact hazards and solve the main issue of the normal extension, which is constant detachment of the male and female plugs.

Plug Play

PG-EXTEND installation step 1


PG-EXTEND installation step 2


PG-EXTEND installation step 3


Heavy Duty

The constant unplugging of cords, while using tools and machinery is one of the most frustrating incidents. 
Therefore PG-EXTEND is the ideal solution for power tools in residential and commercial construction sites, workshops,  institutional and entertainment industries.

PG-EXTEND auto-releases the electric plug when the withdrawal force reached 12 kg

>12 kg

Auto Release

PG-EXTEND will automatically release the plug when the pulling force exceeds 12 kg to prevent the cord from being torn.

Countless uses

Why leave your devices to the mercy of unstable disconnection or energy spikes when you can protect them with PG-EXTEND.
Whether you are at home or work, the reliable extend comes in handy for plugging in any device .
It is universally compatible with most appliances &electronic devices such as computer ,HDTV, LED monitor, projector speaker etc.
Widely used in landscaping for weed wickers, bush trimmer, leaf blower and electric lawn mower and with hammer, drill, circular saws, air compressor and more.

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