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Incredible Fixation

PG-LINK is the first product in the market that fixes electrical plugs to wall sockets.This incredible feature makes it the ideal solution for people who want to be sure that power cords stay firmly inserted into outlets So, loosely fitted plugs are no longer a problem. surely, this is the safety product you are waiting for a long time

Simple Usage

PG-LINK installation step 1
PG-LINK installation step 2
PG-LINK installation step 3

Perfectly Designed

PG-LINK is designed in a small modern shape and every detail is etched with precision . So not only are we ensuring you the ultimate safety , we are also providing you with a good looking design. 

The main thing here that we are proud of , is the invention of a unique patented technology called "Magnaforce "and placing in its miniature case. 

Magnaforce technology prevents any plug from being removed accidentally by curious children , pets or by moving the electrical device.



PG-LINK fits all shapes and standards of electric sockets type (C), (F), and (C-A) as well as it can fix all corresponding power plugs, chargers and large adapters .

PG-LINK is the lonely guardian for every electrical device plugged into a socket, serving billions of users in 189 countries worldwide .


Curious children are always tempted by electrical plugs, outlets and switches . Imagine your child getting electrocuted by touching a loose plug or extension cords that constantly get pulled from outlets. You can't restrict their curiosity, you can only help them do it safely.

PG-LINK disguises the hidden danger and eliminates worries about electrical shocks as if no plug installed , there is shutter mechanism blocks the outlet in the locked position to ensure hair pins , keys etc will be Locked out.

This feature makes PG-LINK act like a portable tamper resistant.

>12 kg


To ensure a reliable attachment and prevent the cord from being torn. PG-LINK will automatically release the plug when the pulling force exceeds 12kg.

PG-LINK applications

Countless Uses

PG-LINK has hundreds of uses in dozens of places.

The small and compact shape of PG-LINK allow it work perfectly in versatile cases as in 

   Home - child safety - pet safety – lighting - digital signals - loose outlets – charging station-  waiting rooms - business center- high vibration areas - laboratories – vaccine centers, etc.


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